Xbox Series X — Take a Look at the New and Improved Dashboard and UI

Xbox Series X — Take a Look at the New and Improved Dashboard and UI

While similar to the Xbox One's Dashboard, the new UI design of the Xbox Series X is aiming to improve performance across platforms.

With around three months left until the system launches later this year, the Xbox Series X is on the horizon with plenty more left to know about the system. While at the moment we don’t know the price or exact release date of the system, the Xbox Series X is gearing up for its launch in November of this year. Microsoft has been gradually revealing new information on its next-gen console, with its next info drop concerning what the user experience and Dashboard will be like on the Series X.

Microsoft has released a new video ahead of the upcoming launch of the Xbox Series X this holiday season, with the video specifically looking at the improved dashboard and UI of the system. Featuring a few members of the system’s UX design team, the video gives a look at the Dashboard on Xbox Series X and its implementation across other compatible devices, such as navigating the Xbox Games Store, checking your friends list, and more.

For the most part, the new Dashboard borrows a lot of elements from the current iteration of the Xbox One Dashboard, but with a larger emphasis on easier navigation and speed. According to the video, the improvements being made to the UI and Dashboard are aiming to reduce load times on the Series X significantly; the Home section will reportedly load 50% faster than the Xbox One, while the Store and Guide functions will reduce their memory use on the Series X by about 40%.

The video from Microsoft also gives a closer look at how the UI and Dashboard will adapt to other platforms, such as using the Xbox App on mobile devices or PCs. Overall, it seems that the UI is aiming for a fairly seamless transition across different devices, with performance improvements and speed in mind. Additionally, Microsoft also confirmed that a new version of the Xbox App is in development for mobile, which will include the ability for players to automatically share clips or screenshots from their console to a mobile device for instant sharing on social media.

The Xbox Series X will officially be launching sometime in November 2020.