Xbox’s Phil Spencer Comments on Attendance at E3 2020 Following Sony Again Being Absent

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Comments on Attendance at E3 2020 Following Sony Again Being Absent

The team at Xbox will still be ever-present at E3 2020, reiterates Phil Spencer.

Following the news that Sony PlayStation was once again not going to attend E3 this year, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer took to Twitter to talk a bit about just what Microsoft has planned for the event.

In a new tweet, Spencer reaffirmed that even though Sony has again dropped out of E3, Xbox will be at the convention in full force. “Our team is hard at work on E3, we look forward to sharing with all who love to play what’s ahead for us,” Spencer said in his message. “2020 is a milestone year in that journey for Team Xbox,” he went on to add, seemingly suggesting that E3 2020 is a key component in Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox brand this year.

While Microsoft will still be around at E3 2020, we still don’t know the full list of attendees for the show just yet. Slowly over the years, publishers such as EA have opted to depart from the premises of the Los Angeles Convention Center and instead hold their own events around LA instead. And even for those publishers that do still show up to E3, their presence has been drastically dwindling. For instance, Activision last year didn’t even end up having a booth space on the show floor. E3 has shrunk quite drastically in recent years and it will be intriguing to see if it continues to decrease in size even more.

As for Microsoft and the Xbox team specifically, E3 2020 will likely be where we start to see a whole lot more of the Xbox Series X platform that is planned to launch later this year. This will likely be the first time in which the platform is fully shown to the public, unless Microsoft opts to hold a separate event for such, much as it did back in 2013 with the Xbox One. Considering how much that reveal event blew up in Microsoft’s face, however, maybe they won’t plan on doing such a thing this time around.

The ESA will also likely announce the full list of exhibitors at E3 2020 in the near future as well, so stay tuned.