Xbox Series X Will Feature Expandable SSD Storage

Microsoft is partnering with Seagate to bring Xbox Series X 1TB cards that will allow you to expand the console's storage.

As time goes on, games are improving graphically and audibly, but at the cost of hard drive space. The Xbox Series X is looking to streamline this issue with built-in expandable system storage. The only question is are you willing to pay for it?

According to a data-dump on the Xbox Series X from Digital Foundry, that strange, unmarked slot on the back of the Xbox Series X is where you’ll plug in your extra storage. Officially, the cards are titled “Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Cards.” They are set to be developed in partnership with Seagate, one of the premier system storage manufacturers on the market.

We already know the Xbox Series X, as well as the PS5, are switching over to solid state storage over physical-based hard disk drives. This decision comes with ups and downs. SSDs are much faster but more expensive, and the inverse is true for HDDs. What’s new though, is that the expanded storage card will be one terabyte of SSD storage.

This is pretty remarkable. SSDs have been getting smaller but one this size is rather impressive. Although the option to use external USB powered hard drives is still there, these cards promise the same performance of the console’s internal drive.

Xbox Series X owners won’t be limited to the size of expandable storage they use either. While the 1 TB card is the known option, larger storage choices will be coming in the future, according to Digital Foundry writer John Linneman.

As I said earlier, SSDs have their downsides. Most notably, its pricing. Currently, you can pick up a USB 3.0 1TB SSD for your Xbox One… if you’re willing to pay over $200. That SSD is also made by Seagate, with one main difference: it’s not proprietary. If you were already worried about the cost of a card-sized 1TB SSD, the fact that it will only work with an Xbox Series X should only make you more worried.

While this technological leap is exciting, what’s concerning is how affordable it will end up being. Prices for the Xbox Series X are already in the air, with speculators picturing a nearly $500 price tag. Adding an extra $200 or more on top of that for a mere 1TB of storage is asking a lot. Of course, we will have to wait until the console actually releases to talk pricing.

If you want to learn more about the console, you won’t have to wait long. In lieu of E3 being canceled, Microsoft is hosting a digital event for the console. The Xbox Series X is launching this holiday season.

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