Xbox Series X Can Apparently Be Used to Float a Ping Pong Ball [Sad Update]

Xbox Series X Can Apparently Be Used to Float a Ping Pong Ball [Sad Update]

We need more balls.

The Xbox Series X has, before launch, been looked at with a lot of concern over that holely air-vent. People were claiming the console got incredibly hot which led to Windows Central looking at it with thermal imaging. There have also been people talking about trypophobia due to the consoles many holes at the top vent. But now that people have finally got their hands on the console…they’ve discovered the vent can make ping pong balls float.

“I’ve seen many things done with Ping pong balls but that’s a new one for me,” said our own Rachael Fiddis in the DualShockers staff chat. It’s certainly a weird thing to find out, but as shared by SnowFlakesMilkHoney in a Reddit post, Xbox’s next-generation console vents can make a ping pong ball float thanks to the heatsink blowing all that hot air out.

Now I know what Xbox Series X is used for from r/gaming

The image shared shows the Xbox Series X running Forza Horizon 4, and I imagine that with more demanding games there would be more air being pushed out, thus making the ping pong ball float higher.

IGN notes that people are now asking Xbox to send ping pong balls out with every Xbox and to be honest, it’s not a bad idea. Xbox has already introduced a real-life fridge after the Xbox Series X reveal led to the internet likening its image to a fridge. So really, Xbox branded ping pong balls wouldn’t be too farfetched and possibly something that might come to fruition. Please, do this Xbox.

If you’re curious about what we thought about the console, be sure to check out our review, we’ll also have a review on the Series S at some point. At the moment, it’s unclear if the Series S can also make a ping pong ball float, but I sadly don’t have the balls to test it.

Update: It turns out apparently you can’t do this and now I’m incredibly sad.