Xbox Series X November Update Addressed Instant-On Power Usage Issues

Xbox Series X November Update Addressed Instant-On Power Usage Issues

The console now runs at around 10.4-10.9w when shutdown with Instant-On enabled.

The Xbox Series X / S allows users to choose between 2 power settings to best suit their preferences. Some may wish to use Instant-On mode which allows the console to turn on faster, and also allows you to install games on the console by using the Xbox App. Microsoft issued a new update this week that tackles some power usage and heat issues that users were experiencing.

Reddit user, AndresVPN (Thanks, Twisted Voxel) ran some tests on their Xbox Series X console before the update. They found that when the console was powered off with Instant-On enabled, the console was using 25-28W. This is opposed to the recorded 0.5W the console generates when Instant-On is disabled (Otherwise known as Energy-saving mode). The Reddit user detailed their typical gaming day and did some mathematics to essentially find how a whole day would consume power, and it could get fairly expensive.

Earlier this week, the November update rolled out and Reddit user AndresVPN tested the console again and found the power usage had dropped. Rather than sitting at the 25-28w with Instant-on enabled, it was now showing up as 10.4-10.9W. Additionally, they stated that while downloading a game while the console was off, it went up to 28.5W.

In the comments, it’s also said that the fans will continue running when the console is off in Instant-On mode providing you had not closed a game. If you close all running games and then turn the console off, the fan will not run because it’s not keeping the game runnings in the background.

Personally, I had enabled Instant-On for my Xbox Series S from launch for the benefits of installing games on the go, but I started to notice the fan was running, pushing surprisingly warm air out from the shutdown console even though I’d not been on it for a day. So I’m glad to discover this on top of the update! With this update being available on all Xbox Series X / S consoles now, I think I might have to re-enable Instant-On and get Control installed through the Xbox Game Pass app.