Xbox Series X Orders Placed By Scalpers Cancelled By UK Retailer Very

Xbox Series X Orders Placed By Scalpers Cancelled By UK Retailer Very

The cancellations include over 1000 consoles ordered by a scalper group.

It’s hard enough trying to get your hands on either an Xbox Series X, Series S or PS5 at the moment, without having to compete with scalper groups who are looking to make a quick buck. These groups help users to use bots that skip online queues, giving them an advantage when purchasing next-gen consoles, and other in-demand items, ahead of wanting consumers, which they then flip for a big profit.

Over the weekend, one such group, who had already bagged over 3500 PS5’s to sell for a profit, claimed they had got their hands on more than 1000 Xbox Series X consoles. Unfortunately for those people, in a spate of karmic justice, those orders have now been cancelled, with the UK retailer they were purchased through claiming the orders only went through due to a “technical error”.

Speaking to Sky News in the UK, retailer Very said:

“As a result of a technical error, some people were able to place orders for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles for a short time on Sunday, However, these items are not on sale and affected customers have received notice that the orders have been cancelled. We apologise for the confusion caused.”

Unfortunately, as part of the cancellations, some genuine customers may have lost their orders of either the PS5 or Xbox Series X. It’s unclear whether the orders were cancelled due to the scalpers however, the retailer is now working on getting refunds out to those who have been affected.

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