Xbox Series X: Ports on the Back of the Box Reportedly Revealed

Xbox Series X: Ports on the Back of the Box Reportedly Revealed

The Xbox Series X will reportedly have two USB-A ports as well as ethernet, HDMI, optical audio and power connection ports.

2020’s CES was an odd one for Xbox fans. AMD seemed to have shown off the first look at the back of the Xbox Series X during their CES 2020 presentation, revealing what ports for cables would be on the system. Unfortunately, it turns out that AMD used an unofficial render from so the model displayed was not accurate. While AMD and Microsoft quickly pointed this out, a new report claiming to know that actual ports that will be on the back of the Xbox Series X has surfaced.

This report comes from Thurrott, who has previously reported Microsoft-hardware related rumors that turned out to be true, like the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The reporter directly reached out to insiders at Microsoft and while they made it clear that this is all subject to change, this report is likely not too far off on what it reports will be on the back of the upcoming next-gen console.

According to Thurrott, the Xbox Series X has two SuperSpeed USB-A ports, an ethernet port, a single HDMI port, one for optical audio, and a port for power connection. Some of their sources also claim that another one is present, though it may just be used for debugging at this point. All of these ports are apparently grouped on the lower half of the Series X, with the upper half containing openings for air intake.

Of course, we won’t truly know what the back of the Xbox Series X looks like until Microsoft actually decides to show it themselves. Hopefully, once all that happens, this weird snafu of conflicting port claims can be put to rest. The Xbox Series X and PS5 are both set to launch during Holiday 2020 and I’m quite sure that we will be hearing much more about both of them before then.