Xbox Series X Prototype Images Have Appeared

Xbox Series X Prototype Images Have Appeared

Official images of an Xbox Series X prototype console have now come about, fully revealing just what's on the back of the box.

While the Xbox Series X isn’t set to release until later this year, it seems someone has already gotten their hands on a prototype version of the platform. That same person is also likely now in pretty big trouble as images of that prototype have now leaked online.

Recently spotted on Twitter, a few new images of what seems to be a legitimate version of the Xbox Series X platform have now been revealed. User @Doug_DragoX shared some of these pictures on the social media platform, with one image showing the front of the console and the other showing the back.

The back of the Xbox Series X model was perhaps the most interesting, as it showed just what ports will seemingly be included on the final console. In total, there are two USB ports, an ethernet port, an HDMI port, and an optical audio port. There’s also the obvious power port as well, which will be used to power the console.

It’s worth noting that Brad Sams over at Thurrott claims to have indeed verified that this is an actual prototype kit of the Xbox Series X. The other verification that this is almost certainly real stems from the fact that a serial number has even been included on the Xbox Series X prototype.

All in all, whoever took these pictures is likely in big trouble for doing so. It’s not uncommon in our Internet and social media age to see pictures of new products appear online before formally being released to the public. In fact, a few years back one worker at Apple leaked the iPhone X early and was eventually fired from the company for doing so. Because the serial number has been shown in these pics, I’d imagine that Microsoft will be able to pretty easily track down who has this prototype on their hands.

We’ll surely see some more official images from Microsoft in the near future showing off the Xbox Series X, but this seems to be pretty close to what the final console will look like. What to you think of it? Are you impressed or left wanting more? Be sure to let us know down in the comments.

Xbox Series X prototype LEAKED. from r/xboxone