Xbox Series X is Seemingly Launching in November 2020 [UPDATE]

Xbox Series X is Seemingly Launching in November 2020 [UPDATE]

Microsoft has tightened the Xbox Series X's release window to "Thanksgiving 2020", all but confirming that the console will arrive in November.

UPDATE: Looks like Microsoft clearly rectified this mistake (if you can call it that) and changed back all versions of the Xbox Series X’s websites to read as “Holiday 2020.” Regardless, a November release window still seems extremely likely, even if Microsoft isn’t willing to commit to it just yet.

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Following the reveal of the specs of the competing PS5 this morning, it seems as though Microsoft has made things a bit more clear when it comes to the launch window of the Xbox Series X.

Over on the official Xbox Series X website, it can be seen at the bottom of the page that the release window for the next-gen platform has been altered from what was “Holiday 2020” to now “Thanksgiving 2020.” As a result, it seems clear that this indicates that the Xbox Series X will then release in November, which isn’t a huge surprise considering this is the same month in which the Xbox One launched. For those outside of the United States who aren’t familiar with the holiday, Thanksgiving typically occurs in the last or second-to-last week of November each year.

What’s bizarre about this revelation though is that on the Xbox Series X’s official website for the U.S., the release window still reads “Holiday 2020.” The variants of this same webpage that claim “Thanksgiving 2020” are from different regions around the world.

Regardless of the discrepancy, it shouldn’t come as any shock whatsoever that the Xbox Series X would aim to launch in November, mainly due in part so that the console arrives before Black Friday. As the largest shopping day of the year for the entire world, Microsoft would definitely want to ensure that its latest piece of hardware is well available to the masses just as the Christmas rush begins.

It should be noted, however, that this “Thanksgiving” placement is surely still just a window and not an actual release date. For reference, Thanksgiving in the United States falls on November 26, 2020, this year. It would seem possible that the Xbox Series X would launch in the week or two before this holiday.

We’ll likely hear a much more specific launch date for the Xbox Series X in the coming months, potentially at the digital event that Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has stated will be held this year in lieu of E3 2020. It’s also worth noting that assuming the game launches alongside the console, the release window for Halo Infinite is surely that of November 2020, as well.

Until we learn more officially about the Xbox Series X from Microsoft, you can read up on the full specs for the platform right here.