All Currently Compatible Xbox Games Will be Playable on Xbox Series X/S on Day One

All Currently Compatible Xbox Games Will be Playable on Xbox Series X/S on Day One

All Xbox games that are currently playable on Xbox One will be making the trip to the next-gen hardware on the first day of its release.

If there is one thing that Microsoft has done right in the Xbox One era, it has been the company’s continued dedication to backward compatibility. Previously, the team at Xbox has said that it plans to continue that dedication moving forward on the Xbox Series X/S, but until now, we haven’t known whether or not every title in that currently works on Xbox One would be compatible with the new hardware on day one. Well, as of today, we finally have our answer to that question.

Over on Twitter this morning, Xbox’s Jason Ronald confirmed that the Xbox Series X/S will allow you to play all titles from the larger Xbox library that are currently compatible on Xbox One when the new consoles release. This means that all games from the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One that are presently playable on current-gen hardware will seamlessly be making the jump to Series X/S. Ronald said that this feat was achievable thanks to over 500,000 hours of testing that the team at Microsoft has put in.

The only catch here is that any games that were compatible with Kinect, Xbox’s previous movement-based technology, will be left in the past. Still, considering Kinect hasn’t been part of Xbox’s plans for the future for quite some time now, I can’t imagine too many folks will be crestfallen by this news.

Even though I am (personally) a bit down on the launch lineup of the Xbox Series X, I am thrilled that the entire games library that I have built up over the years will be making the jump with me on day one.

The Xbox Series X/S is due out in under two weeks and will release on November 10. To see more of the console in action, you can check out some new unboxing videos that hit the net earlier today.