Xbox Series X/S Launch Was the Biggest Console Release in Microsoft History

Xbox Series X/S Launch Was the Biggest Console Release in Microsoft History

The Xbox Series X and S aren't repeating the sins of the Xbox One, with both consoles getting off to Microsoft's strongest start ever.

Even though Microsoft may have struggled out of the gate at the start of the Xbox One era, it doesn’t seem as though the same issue has plagued the company here with the Xbox Series X and S.

Over on the official Xbox website today, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Series X/S launch has now proven to be the biggest console launch in the company’s history. The blog post said that it sold more new consoles in the first 24-hours that it had in any previous generation. Of this total, the Xbox Series S seems to have led the way with Microsoft saying that it had “the highest percentage of new players for any Xbox console at launch.”

While more consoles were sold initially than ever before, Microsoft says that the sheer number of games played on launch day were substantial as well. In total, over 3,500 different games were played across Xbox Series X and S units release day, with this total spanning across titles from all four Xbox generations. Lastly, it was noted that a baffling 70-percent of Xbox Series X/S consoles are attached to new or existing Game Pass subscribers. That final point is surely music to Microsoft’s ears.

It remains to be seen how Microsoft will capitalize on this start in the future, but based on our own review of the Xbox Series X, the platform still needs some must-have first-party games. Fortunately, with how much money Microsoft has invested in its Xbox Game Studios brand in recent years, those titles are surely coming down the road. Hopefully, we just don’t have to wait to long to get them.