Xbox Series X and S Pre-Order Timing Revealed

Xbox Series X and S Pre-Order Timing Revealed

The Xbox Series X and S are said to be going live for pre-order next week at 11:00am EDT at retailers across the globe.

Microsoft announced last week that both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles would become available for pre-order next week on September 22, but wasn’t divulged was the specific time in which each platform would go up for sale on retail sites. Fortunately, it seems as though that lingering question has now been answered.

Over on the official retail website for Target, the page that lists both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S claims that sales will begin at 11:00am EDT on September 22. Assuming that this time ends up being true (which it very likely is), this will then surely be the time that both next-gen platforms go up for sale at all retailers.

In fact, everyone’s favorite follower of gaming deals over on Twitter, @Wario64 has said that he has heard that other retailers, such as GameStop, will be opening up early on the 22nd at this same time. As such, this is surely the finalized time in which the new consoles go up for sale. Microsoft will surely verify as much later today you’d have to imagine as well.

It has taken a long time to get to this point, but if you’re looking to snag an Xbox Series X or S model next Tuesday, you better have your wallet at the ready. As for the PS5, there’s a good chance that we might finally learn later today when Sony’s next-gen platform will become available later this year as well.