Xbox Series X Requires Nearly 200GB of Storage for Basic System Files

Xbox Series X Requires Nearly 200GB of Storage for Basic System Files

The Xbox Series X might boast 1TB of storage on paper, but only around 800GB of that will usable after setting up the console.

Even though new consoles always say that they offer up a certain amount of storage, the number that is given always fails to account for the default space that is required when setting the system up. Next-gen hardware in the Xbox Series X and PS5 are no different, and in the case of the former, we now know how much storage space it will actually have in tow.

According to GameSpot, who already has an Xbox Series X in their possession, the 1TB drive that the console has installed needs nearly one-fifth of that space for the basic files attached to the console. In total, 198GB of the Xbox Series X are needed for the platform’s operating system and other various files. This means that in reality, 802GB are then left open for you to install games and other applications that you might download. It’s worth noting that the version of the console that GameSpot has in its hands might not be finalized just yet though, so these numbers could change by launch day.

In some ways, this is to be expected. With video games as a whole getting larger over time, it’s not a shock that the general operating system of the Xbox Series X is going to be larger than what we’re used to as well.

On the downside, it sure seems like the Series X could run out of space pretty darn quickly. 800GB isn’t a lot by modern standards and, as mentioned, if game sizes keep getting larger, that storage is going to diminish very fast. Considering the expandable storage options for Xbox Series X and S also cost a staggering $220, it sure seems like we’ll have to do more management than normal in this upcoming generation.

Both the Xbox Series X and S are due out in a little over a month on November 10. We’ll surely be learning a lot more specific details of the platform leading up to launch, so stay tuned.