You Can Get an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Right Now, Sorta.

You Can Get an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Right Now, Sorta.

Xbox Labo X.

That’s right, get ready to be incredibly disappointed. No, you can’t get your hands on an actual Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S right now, but my clickbaity headline does indeed ring true as you can…wait for it…print the consoles out as scale-accurate paper models and pretend you have the actual thing. Riveting.

You might be excited for Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox consoles as we grow closer to the official November 10 release date, and Microsoft knows how excited you must be. So it has released some PDFs so that you can print out some scale-accurate paper models of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. If you don’t want to print out the scale-accurate models, there is also a 1/3 scale model which means you can have cute, tiny consoles made of paper.

If you think that having paper consoles is just a stupid idea, then when you eventually get the consoles at launch you’ll get a pretty cardboard box with the pictures of the consoles on them, so really, it’s the same thing, right?

It’s worth pointing out that if you are looking at downloading the PDF files of the paper Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you’ll need paper, a printer, glue, and scissors. Once assembled, it’s also worth pointing about that the console does not include any internal hardware for running your games. It’s also not capable of running DirectX ray tracing and doesn’t have an SSD for those speedy loading times.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are to be launching later this year on November 10. The two consoles suit different needs and if you’re wanting to learn more about them, you can read my brief comparison of the specifications of the two, or you can check out our more in-depth read explaining some of the details we know.