Xbox Skill Lets Players Control Their Xbox One Console with Alexa or Cortana

Microsoft is rolling out Xbox Skill, an Xbox One feature that lets players boot up games and more with Amazon's Alexa or Cortana, to Xbox Insiders

Since the Xbox One’s launch, Microsoft has experimented with many unique console features or accessories to improve either ease of use or make the system more accessible. We have previously seen this on the hardware side of things with the Kinect and Xbox Adaptive Controller, and a new system feature called Xbox Skill will encourage players to control some basic system operations with Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa.

Just like one could do with the Kinect, Xbox Skill lets players turn their console on and off, launch software, start and stop streams on Mixer, control the volume, and capture video clips and screenshots with just their voice. For those who keep a computer or Alexa speaker around, starting up games or streams without a controller before you sit down is now a welcome possibility.

That being said, Xbox Skill is not available to everyone yet. Microsoft is slowly rolling to the feature out to Xbox Insiders who will know if they are added if a Digital Assistant setting appears in console settings. Xbox Skill’s developers will use the Insiders for development feedback so they can improve the service before rolling it out to the masses.

For those of you who are Xbox Insiders and want to know how to activate Xbox Skill and what commands to use, you can check out the official Xbox Insiders Subreddit. If you want to pick up an Xbox One console, you can also do that on Amazon.

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