Gifting Games in the Xbox Store is “Not Far” from Arriving

Gifting Games in the Xbox Store is “Not Far” from Arriving

In an interaction on Twitter, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra says that we should soon be able to purchase games digitally for our friends.

For quite some time now, fans have been asking for both Microsoft and Sony to add a game gifting option to their respective digital storefronts. Recently, we have received new word on just when this could be arriving on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

In a recent interaction on Twitter, Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President – Xbox & Windows gaming platform at Microsoft, responded to a question about when the game gifting option could arrive. His response was short saying simply, “Not far!” but this at least confirms that we can expect to see the new feature in the future. As for the timeframe of when it could arrive, “Not far!” could mean anything — so it’s hard to know whether we are weeks or even months from seeing a gifting option implemented.

Those who purchase games through Steam should be a bit more familiar with the process of gifting games as the feature currently is only available through the PC storefront. But in an age where digital downloads are becoming all the more relevant, it seemed like only a matter of time until home consoles began implementing it as well.

With Gamescom right around the corner from August 22-26, maybe we will learn more about the new Xbox Store feature from Microsoft at that time.