Xbox Takes Down Nov. 17 Release For Twitter and Facebook Fom UK Site

on October 12, 2009 11:32 AM

Well, unfortunately, I’ll have to be the one to sit here and bring you UK folks some pretty bad news regarding last week’s mention of Facebook and Twitter hitting XBL on November 17th. I know some of you were excited to hop on there and tweet how awesome it was, or to send messages to your Facebook friends mocking them for having to use the “old-fashioned” PC, but hey, chin up – you’ll still be get your chance at these social services this year.

Now that Microsoft has decided to remove the once expected date for the beta, the site now simply reads, “service launches Autumn 2009,” just like all other Xbox sites. Notice how it says “Autumn 2009,” though. Which could still mean that it might be coming on the same day… or a couple of days after; maybe sooner.¬† There’s no reason to fret, folks. You lucky¬†mofos at least can start drinking at 18; So why not release some of that sorrow by heading over to your local pub and expressing your feelings to that pint of cold beer, huh? Yes, a fine idea indeed.

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