Xbox to Announce Gamescom Plans Soon; Rare Focusing on New Game; “Great Work” by Remedy on Quantum Break

Xbox to Announce Gamescom Plans Soon; Rare Focusing on New Game; “Great Work” by Remedy on Quantum Break

We’re getting closer to Gamescom, which will kick off on August 13th, while Tokyo Game Show is just a couple months away and Microsoft’s Xbox division head honcho Phil Spencer answered a few questions from the fans on the topic on Twitter.

We’ll announce more details on both shows as we get closer but we want to have a good presence at both shows.

Responding to another fan, he specified that details on Gamescom’s press conference are going to come “soon.”

Interestingly a further tweet (answering on whether the Gamescom and TGS lineup would focus on more announcements or on fall releases) seems to indicate that we might get more announcement related 2014 releases:

This one I’ll wait to answer. XB1 lineup for rest of 2014 is important for us and XB1 owners but could have more.

One of the most awaited games which will appear at Gamescom is Quantum Break, and Spencer mentioned that things are going well on that front:

Yes, my plan is to be at Gamescom. Looking forward to it. Previewed the QB gameplay last week, @remedygames doing great work.

There are news for Rare as well, which apparently is currently focusing on the idea for a new game, but it’s so early that Spencer hasn’t seen it yet, so it’s unlikely it’ll be unveiled at Gamescom.

Rare is focusing on a next game idea, I haven’t seen it yet. Team will share next time I visit. Looking forward to seeing ideas.

Speaking of Rare, he explained that having added Conker’s Bad Fur Day assets to Project Spark doesn’t mean that there’s no chance for something else to come:

Giving Spark Community the Conker game assets doesn’t keep us from doing other things with Conker.

Spencer also mentioned that it’d be nice to have a free to play MMORPG on Xbox One, even if no first party studio is working on one:

First party isn’t building one but would be good to find one to bring to platform. F2P on 360 has been successful.

Finally, on things closer to the present, Spencer praised Bungie’s work on Destiny’s beta:

It was great working with my friends @Bungie on landing a great XB1 experience for Destiny. I’m having fun.

Can’t agree more with that. I’m having a lot of fun as well, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, despite the initial hiccup happened tonight.

It’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft will show at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show. I’m going to fly to both events, so you can expect full coverage here on DualShockers.