Xbox Transfer Cable: Now Sold Separately

Xbox Transfer Cable: Now Sold Separately


Back in the day, you used to be able to call Xbox support and get a brand new transfer cable for free. Eventually Microsoft caught onto this, so they started charging 12 dollars. And now, it is an official accessory and with that status comes a price hike. How much is the price hike?

3 dollars. Well, $2.99 if you want to be precise. So, the kit hit the Microsoft store at a whopping $14.99,  which undercuts most resellers on and is not a bad price by any means. But if you don’t feel like spending all the extra energy to buy the transfer cable by itself, you could always buy the 120gb hard drive from Microsoft and get one included.

Personally, when I have to upgrade to a bigger hard drive (and the time is nearly at hand) I plan to use my 512mb card and then re-download everything else. Probably because I’m a cheap bastard, but hey, more money for games.