Sends You to the PlayStation Blog…But It’s Allegedly Registered by Microsoft Sends You to the PlayStation Blog…But It’s Allegedly Registered by Microsoft

One of the most popular memes about the Xbox One is “Xbox Done“, of which you can see an example above.

Interestingly enough, if you type on your browser, you’ll end up redirected straight to the official PlayStation Blog with all its PS4-related features readily available for perusal. Funny, isn’t it?

Given the cheeky approach to competition we’ve seen from Sony in the past month or so, the first thing that comes to mind is a form of clever trolling from Sony itself, but a quick whois search brings up another interesting element. The domain was allegedly registered by Microsoft itself the day after the official reveal of the console.


Now, how could that be? It is quite farfetched to think that Microsoft would be willing to send visits over to its competitor through a domain derived from one of the cheekiest Xbox One memes.

It’s possible that someone compromised the account of the domain host and clandestinely placed a redirect to the Playstation Blog, or maybe a friendly neighborhood troll simply registered the domain independently and then switched the registration details to those of the Microsoft Corporation Domain Administrator. This is the most probable solution to this little Sunday murder case, as it’s doubtful that Microsoft would use to register a domain, as we can see by checking the whois for and, both registered through Corporate Domains, Inc.

Hacking, squatting attempt or clever troll? We’ll probably never know for sure. What we do know is that it’s quite hilarious.