Xbox’s Phil Spencer Commits to Put the Gamer at The Center of Every Experience, Promises More for GDC

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Commits to Put the Gamer at The Center of Every Experience, Promises More for GDC

During the Windows 10 keynote hosted by Microsoft, Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer delivered a stirring speech in which he committed to put gaming at the center of the Xbox and Windows experience, also promising more to come at the Game Developers Conference.

Here’s a full transcript:

We think it’s an amazing unlock for Xbox One customers that are gonna be able to play the great library of games that they already own on any windows 10 PC or tablet in the home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the exciting changes that are going to make gaming even better on Windows. We’ve seen how Xbox and Windows 10 will bring an entirely new integrated experience for connecting gamers across devices and how Windows 10 is bringing new capabilities to games you already own. And how Windows 10 will unlock your existing library of games on Xbox One to enable play on all of your Windows 10 devices.

And while Xbox is coming to windows, Windows 10 is also coming to Xbox One. Joe did a great job of demoing amazing Windows features and you should wait to hear more from us as those features find their way onto Xbox.

Now, with Xbox moving to Windows, I don’t think we’re gonna see millions of people using Excel on their Xbox, but I do know for developers that want to bring their applications over to the television screen, this is gonna make it very easy for them to do so.

At Microsoft we work hard to create the most engaging game and entertainment experiences, and to be successful and to meet the high expectations of our passionate fanbase, we have to put the gamer at the center of every experience.

This philosophy is not only foundational to Xbox, but it’s been central to the development of the gaming experience on Windows 10.

You have my commitment and the commitment of the entire Xbox team, that we will treat gaming on Windows 10 with as much passion and energy as we have with the Xbox console.

You’ll see the results of that across the Windows gaming experience, in the games portfolio from Microsoft Studios and our partners and in the Xbox Live service itself.

New ways to connect with friends, new ways to extend your connected experience across devices, new ways to make games even better, all with you, the gamer, at the center.

Now this is just the beginning of our discussion on gaming on Windows 10. We’re gonna continue this throughout the year. The next big beat for us is the Game Developers Conference in March, where you’ll hear more on how we continue to build the great gaming experience on Windows 10.

There’s no denying that today Microsoft scored major points, showing rather amazing features that will possibly tip the scales in its favor in the competitive gaming and console market.

We’ll have to see the full effect in the coming months, and when the features will actually be released, but there definitely are plenty reasons to be excited. Microsoft promised us a great time for today, and they definitely delivered.