Xbox’s Phil Spencer: More News Coming Before E3, “Special Things” to Be Shown at E3, More on Rare

Xbox’s Phil Spencer: More News Coming Before E3, “Special Things” to Be Shown at E3, More on Rare

The recently appointed Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer has been hard at work lately, considering that a week chock full of Xbox One announcements has just ended. Today he took to Twitter to share a few more details about what’s to come:

This was a good week, we got a lot done and announced. More to come.

There are a few things coming prior to E3. Show is getting set so easier to see what we want to talk about prior.

He also explained why Microsoft decided to announce so much before the show at E3, teasing some “special things” coming then:

Wanted to make the show entertaining. Some special things I want to show so needed to do some things early.

The lineup at E3 looks good. A couple of things we are still trying to land but it’s coming together.

I know we’ll never please everyone. Having some new partners on stage, some old friends and knowing XBOX gamers are watching is fun

In addition to that (if anyone had any doubt) he also responded “nah” to a question asking if all of Microsoft’s E3 announcements have been leaked.

Spencer also shared that Rare has “a lot of ideas of their own” for their next game and he supports them working the title they choose:

Rare has a lot of good ideas of their own for their next game.

I’m supportive of Rare working on the right game for the studio, I’m not pushing them to work on any specific genre.

He then mentioned that despite the unbundling of Kinect we’re going to continue seeing new games and experiences for it, and that he wants to make sure Harmonix’s games do well:

You will see new Kinect games and work from platform on Kinect.

Harmonix have been great supporters of XBOX and I want to make sure their games do very well.

Spencer also had a comment for Ubisoft’s future line-up, which indeed looks great:

I think Ubi is doing a great job with their games right now. The Division looks like another great one.

He even had word of praise for Sony, and specifically for its “Michael” commercials:

I like those Sony ads, they did a good job with those.

We also learn that Spencer feels that RTS on consoles may see a resurgence during this generation, and he also expressed appreciation for FASA’s IPs (with which I fully agree):

Yea, amazing IP at FASA, Jordan Weisman created some great worlds.

As a final added bonus, he let it slip that he asked the team about giving Halo Wars as part of Games with gold and that Microsoft is making progress with PC support for the Xbox One controller, which is something that pleases me to no end, as it’s almost about time to retire my old Xbox 360 one:

We are making progress. I also play on PC and want the same feature, team gets the feedback from me.

And there’s also more coming after E3 for PC gamers:

I’m very focused on PC right now. Probably not E3 but through summer you’ll hear more.

Will spencer and his team manage to make our jaws drop at E3? Considering how much they’re announcing before the show, they definitely seem to be confident.