XCOM 2: Resurrection Explains the Fall of Mankind in an Alternate Timeline Where You Failed

on September 19, 2015 2:51 PM

For those who played XCOM: Enemy Unknown through to the end most likely came out with humanity throwing off the alien invaders and celebrating Earth’s victory. Not so in XCOM 2, as the game begins with your loss in Enemy Unknown as an alternate timeline foundation. How exactly things went wrong and your team failed will be explained in a newly announced novel, XCOM 2: Resurrection.

The book tie-in will be written by Greg Keyes, a sci-fi/fantasy novelist who has previously written licensed books based on Babylon 5, Star Wars, and The Elder Scrolls. Resurrection begins with Amar Tan, a rookie whose team locates a mysterious character, “who claims to know a secret that could change everything.” Though it is unlikely the book’s events turn out great, since XCOM 2 begins with a lowly resistance against the invaders. The book is available through Insight Editions and releases November 10. Meanwhile XCOM 2 is currently set to release in 2016 after a delay.

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