XCOM 2’s Long War 2 Adds New Technical Soldier Class

XCOM 2’s Long War 2 Adds New Technical Soldier Class

In case you missed it, last week, developer Pavonis Interactive (previously known as Long War Studios) and publisher 2K announced Long War 2 for XCOM 2, a follow up mod to the incredibly popular and extensive mod, Long War, for the previous XCOM game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown. 

Just two days ago, the developer released the mod’s first details, which included it’s addition of a new weapon tier called Coilguns. Now, Pavonis has detailed another new addition that the mod will bring: a new class of XCOM soldier called “the Technical.”

The following description of the new soldier class was provided:

The versatile Technical takes some of the heavy weapons from Shen’s workshop in the base game – the rocket launcher and flamethrower – and combines them in an innovative Gauntlet secondary weapon. The soldier’s ability tree allows specializing in one or the other. The rocket launcher initially has a single shot, useful for ambushes or escaping from dangerous situations, and the flamethrower is best at close-in cone attacks that leave enemies aflame and unable to take many actions.

Currently, Long War 2, which will be exclusive to the PC version of the game, doesn’t have a release date. But it does have some new screenshots showcasing the new soldier class: