Xenoblade 3 Special Edition Pre-Orders Are Still up in Japan

Xenoblade 3 fans were left unable to preorder the limited edition.

June 9, 2022

The Xenoblade 3 preorder launch on June 8 in the US left many fans unable to get a hand on a copy of the Special Edition, leaving the series’ fanbase upset.

Xenoblade 3, which aims to be the apogee of the series so far both in terms of gameplay and setting, is one of the most awaited releases this year for fans of Japanese and anime-stylized games. It’s incredible in a sense that the series traveled this far, considering its first entry on Wii almost never released in the US. Now, the open-world JRPG series by Monolith Soft is suffering from its own success.

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My Nintendo Shop Crashes After Xenoblade 3 Limited Edition Preorders Open

Soon after the preorders for the Xenoblade 3 limited edition opened at around 11:30AM EST on June 8, 2022, fans accessing the My Nintendo Store page encountered several issues. Many were unable to complete their preorder.


Later on, Nintendo of America confirmed the issue was due to a high number of traffic. This is explained by several facts:

  • My Nintendo Store is the sole storefront where you can preorder the Limited Edition in the US.
  • The site was definitely not conceived for such high amounts of traffic.
  • Lastly, the Xenoblade 3 Limited Edition has of course been the target of scalpers, planning to resell it with inflated price tags.

Nintendo’s Apology

As the fiasco continued, Nintendo ultimately apologized to the Xenoblade community for the failed launch, closed the preorders, and announced they will be launched again at a later date.

Now, if you’ve followed the news these past few days, Nintendo has been involved in far more heavy stuff than failing to launch a limited edition. This is still a noteworthy story however, in how perhaps Nintendo will actually work on these issues in the future. By buffing up the My Nintendo Store site, and adopting better measures against scalpers besides the “limited to 2 per account” restriction.

You Could Try Importing The Special Edition From Japan

As a side note, the Xenoblade 3 Special Edition is also available on the Japanese version of My Nintendo Shop, and pre-orders are still open. In fact, there’s a cheaper version that contains all of the goods except the game itself. In other words, you could first buy your copy of Xenoblade 3 locally. And then import the Special Edition from Japan.

Importing from Japan these days with the pandemic is definitely complicated though. And it can be a real hassle depending on where you live. Moreover, unlike shops like Amazon Japan, I don’t believe the Japanese version of My Nintendo Shop ships overseas, so you’ll have to use and pay a proxy service.

This is also assuming you know Japanese or are learning the language, as obviously, you’ll end up getting the Xenoblade3 Collected Works artbook in Japanese. Still, this is definitely an attractive alternative for fans ready to put a bit more money on the table.

The Game’s Japanese Promotional Material Is Much More Detailed

Xenoblade 3 will be released on July 29, 2022 worldwide, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. As it is often the case with Japanese games, the Japanese promotional material so far has been much more extensive than in English.

In particular, Nintendo and Monolith Software have been publishing “Xenoblade 3 Notes” every few weeks in Japanese, detailing all of the game’s mechanics. We’re currently at Volume 4, which explained the battle system.

One of the coolest things reveled is that the characters with Xenoblade 1 motif use the Xenoblade 1 battle system: their skills have a cooldown time; while the Xenoblade 2 themed characters recharge their skills via auto attack. Check it out in the gameplay video below.

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