Nintendo Switch Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Finally Gets a Release Date

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Finally Gets a Release Date

Monolith Soft's Nintendo Switch exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 finally has a release date, just announced during the latest Nintendo Direct.

After a fairly long wait, Nintendo finally announced the release date of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation..

The game will release in the west on December 1st, fulfilling the promise of a 2017 release, that many still doubted despite the fact that Nintendo confirmed that it would come this year multiple times.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is currently in development at Monolith Soft, under the watchful eye of many that worked on the Xeno meta-series since the glorious times of Xenogears at Square Enix. Like its predecessor Xenoblade Chronicles X, it’s an open world JRPG with massive environment, even if the setting is definitely quite different.

If you want to learn and see more about Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you can also check out a brand new trailer and plenty of screenshotsa ton of spiffy gameplay from Gamescom, the trailer launched at E3, alongside some more beutiful screenshots and gameplay footage.

Recently, we also heard more about a group of in-game characters designed by Kingdom Hearts Director Tetsuya Nomura, and that the production of the massive music soundtrack headlined by Yasunori Mitsuda is complete.

The game is set to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It’s nice to finally know when. Personally, I really can’t wait, as this is without a doubt my most anticipated game on the new console.