Xenoblade Chronicles Get a Special Edition in Europe, America Cries

on June 29, 2011 5:30 PM

Let me clarify that title – America is crying, not because Europe is getting Xenoblade Chronicles and, on top of that, a special edition of the game, but because Nintendo of America seems to not even care about localizing the game for North America. With that out of the way, this collector’s edition looks pretty snazzy. It comes packaged with a red classic controller, much like Monster Hunter Tri came with a black one.

If Nintendo keeps packing controllers with games, I’m going to have a lot of useless plastic. However, games like these are, truthfully, better played with a standard controller than with any functionality the Wii-Mote adds, that’s for darn sure. If I tried playing Monster Hunter Tri with the Wii-Mote I probably would have disposed of my Wii in a spectacular fashion by going to the roof of my building and dropping it onto the pavement below.

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