Xenoblade Chronicles X Combat Mechanics Livestream Now Available, Features Tons of Battle Gameplay and Info

Xenoblade Chronicles X Combat Mechanics Livestream Now Available, Features Tons of Battle Gameplay and Info

Monolith Soft aired a livestream today showcasing the deep and quite excellent combat mechanics of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Plenty of juicy information was given and, for those who don’t speak Japanese, we have a nice summary of basic points below (credit to Nintendo Life for a few details that I missed):

  • Battle system is similar to Xenoblade Chronicles but combat has been modified for faster gameplay, such as being able to switch between melee and gun attacks on the fly.
  • Attacks on the enemy are automatic once you target them.
  • There are several types of Arts, which are color coded, and each one covers a separate aspect of combat: Melee, Long-Range, Support and Shield. There are also Taunt Arts that can be used to intimidate the foe. Stronger arts require charging but weaker ones have no cool-down period.
  • Players must cooperate with NPCs in combat; sometimes an NPC will indicate a specific Art to use in battle, and that Art will glow.
  • Combos make Arts deal more damage and there is also a “double-cast” mechanic now which deals even more damage. Players can also target weak spots on the foe for extra damage.
  • Players can charge a gauge that, when filled, lets you revive a knocked-out NPC.
  • There’s a very nifty Overclocked mechanic that players can activate — it strengthens attacks and lowers the cool-down period for Arts.
  • Party members can use a special Triple Cast mechanic which is incredibly powerful.
  • As for enemies, players must be aware of what kind of foe they are fighting a some types will call for aid. Enemy icons will also let you know danger level, through attacking intent and level.
  • Armor was shown as well, which can be purchased and customized. Wearing armor from a specific company a lot will quickly up its level.
  • Players can choose from weapons such as swords, shields, javelins, guns, jetpacks and even rocket launchers. Equipment can be garnered from hunting monsters as well.

We also finally get a look at one of the villains of the game, a mysterious and seemingly cruel alien female type. From the video, I gather that you’ll be fighting her while she pilots her mech.

You can check out the full livestream below.