Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X’s 24 Minute Video Will Make You Cry With Joy; Bundle Announced

Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X’s 24 Minute Video Will Make You Cry With Joy; Bundle Announced

Nintendo just broadcasted a large batch of new gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles X, that will be released in Japan on April 29th, and in the rest of the world later this year.

The video showcases the city of New Los Angeles, the Blade organization and area and an overview on the basics of the game and its story.

We also get to see the GamePad features which will serve as a map inn which you’ll have yo find Frontiernet spots to examine with data probes to unlock four different kind of missions.

The quest system definitely seems very advanced, and it will create a complex web of relationships between the protagonist and New Los Angeles’ inhabitants.

A look at the map lets us take a glimpse at its enormous differently-themed regions and titanic creatures. In order to explore all that terrain we’ll be able to dash, jump and fast travel (using the data probes), and a floating navigation ball will guide us to our objectives. It even has a spectacular flying camera that lets us look around from an elevated point of view.

Xenoblade map

We finally saw more of what everyone was probably waiting for, the Doll mechs, that can run much faster and fly, but also transform in a wheeled vehicle.

There are many kinds of creatures in the field, from small to enormous, and it’ll be better to check their level before attacking. With some it’ll be wise to  just run until we’re at a comparable level. There will also be special named one which will be very challenging.

The planet is also populated by sentient alien races (even if we’re actually the aliens there), and the video gives a good look on them. Some are friendly, some aren’t.

On top of the video, Nintendo announced that Japan will get a Wii U bundle with the game, priced 35,000 yen (roughly $295) plus taxes.


The bundle will come with a boxed version game (with a special two-sided cover, no download codes on this), a black 32 GB WII U with GamePad, an artbook, a special map, and a 1,000 yen nintendo prepaid card featuring art from the game on it.

A pre-download option for the game will also be available for those who will pre-purchase the digital version.

You can check the whole video out just below, and try not to cry too much with joy. All we need now is a western release date.

Update: if you want to know more of what the trailer actually says, you can check out my recap here. It includes a lot of information on gameplay, the world and more.