Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets New Details on Unions, Online, Battle System and Size

Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets New Details on Unions, Online, Battle System and Size

Japanese publication Famitsu had quite the spread in this week’s magazine about Xenoblade Chronicles X, detailing new info on Unions, the battle system, online, the size of the world itself and more.

Starting with Unions, they are essentially eight separate factions that the player can join and complete quests with. Each one has their own overarching objective to fill.

  1. Pathfinder – In charge of data probe installation.
  2. Interceptor – In charge of exterminating protists.
  3. Avalanche – In charge of hunting down dangerous life forms.
  4. Testament – In charge of the search and recovery of debris scattered by the ship, as well as the recovery of items lost on the battlefield.
  5. Corepedian – In charge of visiting areas and investigation/collecting materials.
  6. Land Bank – In charge of securing resources and collecting minerals.
  7. Arms – Assists the Arms Company in charge of the development of Dolls and their inner weaponry.
  8. Companion – A Jack of all trades, from the mediation of petty fights to the search of stray cats.

Two characters have also been revealed: Nagi, former Captain of the White Whale and current Military Chief in the Autonomous Government of New Los Angeles, and Guin, who worked in the same division as Elma and Irina on Earth. Was their subordinate.

In terms of the online portion, the symbol “X” (Cross) is related to the online functionality. It won’t be a standard online game either but more “loosely connected,” similar to the passive online features of Dark Souls.

Moving on the scope of the world, the size of Mira 400km² which is 5 times bigger than Xenoblade Chronicles. In fact, the game is so large that the developers thought they would have to ship it in two CDs. Here’s another tidbit: the final check playtime for the game clocked in at over 300 hours.

Gameplay is based off Xenoblade Chronicles but combat is faster and more action-oriented, and will be able to differentiate between close and long-range attacks. There will be no dedicated medics but instead a special healing system called Soul Voice. The number of unique monsters and equipment has also increased.

The official site for Xenoblade Chronicles X has updated with plenty of new images as well, which you can check out here.