Xenoblade Chronicles X: Nintendo Removes Breast Size Slider For Custom Characters in the West

on November 13, 2015 1:10 PM

We reported a while ago about the removal of a few revealing outfits for Xenoblade Chronicles X‘s Lin Lee in the western version of the game, but apparently that wasn’t the only change Nintendo made.

As discovered by YouTuber GameXplain, the western version of the game lacks the breast size slider for your custom-created protagonist.

In the Japanese version of the game, those who played female characters could select the size of their bust via character customization option. Apparently, Nintendo decided that this was too risqué for western audiences.

As a result, all custom female protagonists come with their default breast size set in stone. You can check out the difference in the video below.

The full extent of the changes made to the game’s story and setting in order to make it more acceptable to the sensitive western audiences is still unknown. For instance, the meaning of the “BLADE” acronym was originally “Beyond the Logos Artficial Destiny Emancipator,” indicating the emancipation of humanity from the influence external factors like the divine (which is a common topic in the Xeno games), has been changed to a much more innocuous and generic “Builders of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth.”

We’ll have to wait until the game launches on December 4th, to fully gauge the effects of this adaptation process.

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