Xenoblade Chronicles X Producer Confirms Localization is “Well Underway,” Final Fantasy XV Developer Praises Game

Xenoblade Chronicles X Producer Confirms Localization is “Well Underway,” Final Fantasy XV Developer Praises Game

On the official Xenoblade Chronicles X Twitter account, the producer discusses the status of the game’s localization. Meanwhile, a Final Fantasy XV developer took to his own blog to compliment the Wii U exclusive.

Chronicles X Producer Shingo Kawabata stated this on Twitter (thanks to NeoGAF for the translation):

My name’s Shingo Kawabata, and I’m the producer for Xenoblade X. I apologize for the sudden introduction. Starting today, Mr. Takahashi won’t be the only one using this account. Several other Monolift Soft staffers will be tweeting from time to time, and I’m first up to bat.

It’s already been five years since we released Xenoblade. I know we’ve kept you waiting for quite some time but, to be honest, it’s felt like a pretty long time for us developers, too. The localization is making great progress, and I can proudly say that this game will be well worth the wait. The release is right around the corner, so get ready!

Final Fantasy XV Lead Designer Wan Hazmer, meanwhile, praised Chronicles X in a blog entry when the latest trailer premiered. He stated:

Touché to the people at Monolith Soft; that is one awesome trailer!

The exploration aspect of this game looks incredible. I’m hoping that we can actually traverse to all visible landscape in realtime. Would like to get near that sandworm and see what happens!

Some of you can already tell that there are different approaches in both our direction, especially when you compare this and FFXV trailers, but admittedly that’s some intense competition right there! And we all love healthy competition don’t we? Coz in the end, the fans win!

There’s no clause in my contract that states that I can’t love a game made by another company, so I’m gonna be all out and say that I just can’t freaking wait to play this game! I loved the world in Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, and I’ll be getting a Wii U just for this game.

Yes, I love my JRPGs : P

It’s great to see such positive news surrounding this upcoming game, and that other developers can be very vocal on their enjoyment of titles outside their company’s.