Xenoblade Chronicles X’s First DLC Announced; Screenshots, Video and Beautiful Wallpapers Released

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s First DLC Announced; Screenshots, Video and Beautiful Wallpapers Released

Today Nintendo released a batch of new screenshots, information and a video on Xenoblade Chronicles X over multiple posts on the official Japanese website. The game is just a few hours from its Japanese release.

First of all, we learn about the first DLC for the game, that will come in seven different packages on May 8th (in Japan only for now, of course):

Four different DLC packages, priced 500 yen ($4.20) each, will have new characters, “HB,” “Boze,” “Ierv” and “Aksena.” Each package will include three missions, will allow to recruit the character as a companion, and will come with two unique arts.

Three of the DLC will also include the blueprints and materials for a new Doll mecha (or Skell, if you prefer the western version of the name): the Yumbo, the Policeman, and the Excavator; The fourth DLC will include the blueprints for a new weapon type.

Three more DLC, priced 300 yen each ($2.52), will come with six quest each, and will be dedicated to earning experience, money and relations points respectively. There’s also a deal to purchase all the seven DLC packages together for 2,000 yen ($16.80).

We also get more information on online gameplay. Players will have to complete asynchronous “scan code” missions that will require them to kill a number of enemies or collect a number of quests. Their results will be summed up with the member of their squad (up to 32 players).

Once the scan code mission is complete, a “squad quest” will be unlocked at the Blade HQ, and those are the actual missions that can be played with four members in co-op.

Using the Blade Scout Console players will be able to search for other people’s characters and recruit them as “avatars,” using them as companions. Search can be performed by levels and classes. Characters used as avatars will bring back rewards like union points, rare resources, materials and more.

Finally, there is a new video showcasing online gameplay, a lovely set of absolutely stunning wallpapers, and screenshots featuring the DLC packs and the online features that you can find in the gallery below.