Xenoblade Customization: One Part Persona, One Part Xenosaga

on May 28, 2010 2:17 PM

Xenoblade Customization: One Part Persona, One Part Xenosaga

I’m working hard to find creative headlines for you folks, since “Xenoblade Customization Options Are Cool” is far too generic. When reading about some of the customization options in Monolithsoft and Nintendo’s upcoming Wii RPG, I was reminded of the two franchises in the headline – Persona and Monolithsoft’s own Xenosaga. Why, you ask? Check this out.

Just like in many other JRPGs of its kind, in Xenoblade you will be able to acquire different outfits for your characters, and these will translate over into the field screen, as well as cut scenes. This reminded me a lot of Xenosaga, among other RPGs (Resonance of Fate, Tales of Vesperia and White Knight Chronicles, to name a few more). Whether or not we’ll get more outfits than is on the disc is unknown, but there are many for each character on the disc itself.

In addition to that, the game has a very Persona-esque social development system. Your characters can build up relationship with each other and various NPCs. By building these bonds, your characters grow. Your direct part members improve in battle if you have closer ties to them. Outside of that, you can also take part in quests to strengthen you relationships with NPCs and that, in turn, changes how they deal with you inside towns.

Xenoblade Customization: One Part Persona, One Part Xenosaga

This is basically a huge character development section, as you can continue to build the relationships between party members to open up more cut scenes and background information about them.

Interested yet? You’ll have to wait a bit longer. The game is scheduled to hit store shelves in Japan on June 10, 2010, and who knows when it will come to North America. But still, it is shaping up to be a great-looking RPG for the Wii, a system which holds way too few titles in that genre.


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