Xenogears Remix Album Dropping Next Year

Xenogears Remix Album Dropping Next Year


Square Enix knows how to treat its franchises when it comes to music and just because a game is thirteen years old, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some love in this regard. That’s why they’ve revealed a new music album, entitled Myth: the Xenogears Orchaestral Album.

Myth will contain fourteen tracks from Xenogears, an iconic RPG which first released back in 1998. The songs are chosen by fans and redone orchestral. Composer Yasunori Mistuda cut the final track listing, and the album was recorded in Bulgaria.

Myth: the Xenogears Orchestral Album will go on sale February 23rd for the Japanese equivalent of about $38. Those fourteen tracks had better be awesome. Check out a music sample and more info at the website for the soundtrack here.