Xeodrifter Coming To PS Vita And PS4 In September

Xeodrifter Coming To PS Vita And PS4 In September

Xeodrifter, developed by Renegade Kid and published by Gambitious Digital, will make its debut on PlayStation devices, specifically PS Vita and PS4, on September 1.

Xeodrifter is an action-adventure 2D platformer game that revolves around an astronaut whose rocket has been destroyed by an asteroid. He must search the four nearby planets, in order to find the needed parts to fix his rocket.

Gambitious Digital has released a statement thanking Renegade Kid and Sony for allowing them to bring their game onto the PS Vita and PS4.

“We here at Gambitious are incredibly grateful to Renegade Kid for entrusting us to help deliver this game to PlayStation fans across the world so they can experience this fantastic 2D platformer for themselves. At long last, Xeodrifter will be making its debut on PlayStation devices on September 1st! We hope you enjoy it!”

Also check out the launch trailer below, it brings back the beautiful looks 2D games had in the old days.