Pokemon GO - Xerneas PVP Analysis - Best Moveset, Max CP

Believe it or not, we’ve not had a brand new Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO for almost a year.

Excluding the Therian Formes of the Forces of Nature Trio, there’s not been a “new” Legendary added to the game since July 2020.

Thankfully, the drought is now over with the addition of Xerneas as part of the Luminous Legends X event. Yveltal won’t be too far behind either!

With this latest addition, players are wondering if the Master League or even Ultra League meta is about to receive a shakeup. Let’s look at Xerneas’ max CP, best moveset and if it has what it takes to crack the meta.

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Pokémon GO: Mega Evolution has arrived!

Pokémon GO: Mega Evolution has arrived!

Xerneas Max CP and Other Details

Like the bulk of new Pokemon in this brand new Luminous Legends X event, Xerneas is a Fairy-type.

This means that both Steel and Poison-type moves will be super effective against it. However, it also means that feared Dragon-type moves will be far less effective and Xerneas will also resist Bug, Dark and Fighting-type moves.

Early signs point to Xerneas having a place in the Pokemon GO meta.

To crack the meta, however, Xerneas will need to have a respectable CP – you can find that below:

  • Level 40 max CP – 3781
  • Level 50 max CP – 4275

Not bad – Xerneas’ top CP puts it in the top three across every Pokemon in GO.

Xerneas Best Moveset

This is where Xerneas starts to fall apart. Unfortunately, it has a simply terrible move pool.

It only has two fast moves, neither of which are Fairy-type so there is no opportunity for STAB damage and its charge moves aren’t too good either.

With that in mind, here is probably the best moveset you can operate Xerneas with.

  • Zen Headbutt
  • Giga Impact
  • Moonblast

Can Xerneas Crack the Meta?

Unfortunately, despite early signs looking good, Xerneas’ awful moveset really holds it back.

Given a Fairy-type fast move, Xerneas would be feared by all Dragon-types operating in the Master League, however, because it lacks this, Xerneas falls apart.

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