ADATA SPECTRIX D80 DDR4 RGB Memory Module Series Announced

ADATA SPECTRIX D80 DDR4 RGB Memory Module Series Announced

ADATA's XPG SPECTRIX D80 RGB Memory series is now the first and only RGB DDR4 memory product in the world to feature a hybrid liquid-air cooling system.

This week, PC part manufacturer, ADATA Technology has released a new memory module called the D80 DDR4 RGB series and serves as the first RGB DDR4 memory to feature a hybrid liquid-air cooling system.

According to the press release, the SPECTRIX D80 parts have been designed explicitly for PC building enthusiasts, PC gamers, and those who enjoy overclocking. The SPECTRIX D80 memory modules offer a vast frequency range ranging from 2666 MHz to 5000 MHz and will include support for PC’s sporting Intel X299 2666 MHz and AMD AM4/Ryzen.

This new series of memory modules also feature Intel XMP 2.0 profiles preconfigured into the products, which will allow for quick overclocking. ADATA explained that by doing this, it eliminates the need for players to adjust the individual parameters in BIOS.

The SPECTRIX D80 also includes liquid heatsink that is located on the top side of the hardware. Additionally, the memory module also includes programmable RGB lighting, to provide captivating colors from inside your rig. USers sporting the product will be able to customize the lighting effects ranging from patterns, pulse speed, and light intensity. With the lighting control access via the RGB Sync app, or by utilizing a pre-existing RGB lighting control software from a major motherboard maker like ASUS.

The SPECTRIX D80 comes in four different options: 2666MHz 16GB ($199.99), 2666MHz 32GB ($399.99), 3000MHz 16GB ($209.99), and 3000MHz 32GB ($419.99). Unfortunately, there is no word on when the product will be officially available for purchase. In the meantime, check out the announcement trailer below this article.