XING: The Land Beyond Developers Talk Benefits of Delay

on November 14, 2016 9:31 PM

For those closely following the VR space, you may have noticed the Kickstarted XING: The Land Beyond still hasn’t been released. Originally slated for Spring 2016, the virtual reality title was moved to Fall 2016 to the now prospective Early 2017.  However, the delay isn’t without some major benefits — according to the developers.

In the most recent developer blog, developer White Lotus Interactive has expressed some of the largest benefits to a multi-year delay. Most notable among the list is voice-acting, PlayStation 4 release, a quadrupaling of content beyond what was to be included in the original Kickstarter, new music, and new optional puzzles. While the delays have been largely unexpected and out of White Lotus’ control, they hope to reassure that the game is all that much better for it.

Along with the improvements, White Lotus mentions a few interesting developer notes regarding creating a game for PlayStation VR. Unlike competitor virtual reality headsets, White Lotus has had to drop the graphical quality of the game to meet PlayStation’s “strict frame-rate requirement.” In that respect, the settings “are noticeably dropped to maintain frame-rate.”

White Lotus doesn’t seem interested in committing to another release date — not surprising given their troubled past. With that said, the developer has toed that the game is very far along and that things have never looked better. Meanwhile, the Steam Community page has the game slated for Early 2017. XING: The Land Beyond is slated for release on both PC and PlayStation 4.

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