xQc Banned From NoPixel Again - What Caused The April 2021 Ban?

Could this be the end of xQc playing on NoPixel?

By Kyle Knight

April 18, 2021

Popular Twitch streamer xQc has been banned for a fourth time from the NoPixel GTA server, but what was the cause of the April 2021 ban? And could it be permanent this time? Here’s what we know about the developing situation.

It’s not all bad news for xQc though, he has recently received his very own G FUEL flavor called ‘The Juice’. You can read more about xQc’s G FUEL flavor at the link below.

Who Is xQc?

Félix Lengyel, better known by his online alias xQc, is a Twitch streamer and internet personality from Canada. Félix is also a former professional Overwatch player, which was the beginning of his rise to fame.

xQc competed in the Overwatch world cup in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Each year he represented his home country for Team Canada. He has since taken up Twitch streaming full time and has amassed quite a following.

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In more recent times, xQc has risen to fame through live streaming and playing on the GTA server known as NoPixel.

If you want to read more on xQc, DualShockers has a complete profile on the streamer at the link below:

Why Was xQc Banned From NoPixel In April 2021?

xQc’s ban from the NoPixel server in April of 2021 will be his fourth, and quite possibly his last. The streamer will reportedly not appeal his most recent ban. But what was the reason for the popular streamer being banned again?

xQc went live on his Twitch channel to address his NoPixel ban, and the reason is reportedly to do with the police force yet again. Not the real police force, those that role play as police officers on the GTA server.

According to xQc, he has been banned for talking about another player’s ban whilst he was under arrest.

The streamer also revealed that this would be his longest ban yet, lasting a total of 30 days. xQc also hinted and not returning to the NoPixel server once his ban was up, likely due to the rules surrounding the server.

More NoPixel Bans

If you want to keep up to date with all of the latest bans and drama from the GTA NoPixel Server, make sure to check back at DualShockers frequently.

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