Why Was xQc Permenantly Banned From The NoPixel Server In May?

xQc's time on the NoPixel server has come to an end

May 24, 2021

xQc has quickly become one of the biggest and most popular streamers on Twitch. He found fame when he began streaming GTA on the NoPixel server, but following numerous bans xQc has now been permanently banned from the server as of May, 2021.

The Twitch streamer has found himself to be one of the most controversial figures on the NoPixel server due to his massive popularity, but what exactly caused the reason for his permanent ban?

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Who Is xQc?

Félix Lengyel, who many will simply know as xQc, is one of Twitch’s biggest streamers. Originally a competitive Overwatch player, xQc took the leap into streaming full time and has amassed a huge following.


As of writing, xQc has over 5.7 million followers on Twitch alone. His streams often consist of Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, Just Chatting, or Gambling.

You can find out more about xQc, including his Net Worth, Girlfriend, and how he does his hair, at the link below.

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xQc Previous NoPixel Bans

As mentioned previously, xQc has become a controversial figure on the NoPixel Server after getting into various disputes with other streamers and racking up a total 5 bans from the NoPixel Server, including the latest permaban.

Many of xQc’s bans come from run-ins with the GTA police force on the server and encouraging his chat to go into other streams and support him. His most recent ban comes from another altercation with the GTA police force.

Why Was xQc Permanently Banned From NoPixel?

With this being xQc’s fifth ban from the NoPixel server, it looks like it is also his last as he is now permanently banned from the server.

In a 7 hour long stream, xQc discussed his permanent ban with his community and expressed his feelings regarding the ban. xQc said that he “should have been banned before” and that he feels he deserved the ban, taking it in stride.

The reason for xQc’s fifth and final ban comes after an altercation with fellow streamer, PENTA. It started when xQc attempted to break a fellow player out of prison but ultimately fails and ends up in hospital, PENTA’s character then arrives to question xQc on the attempted break out.

xQc then becomes frustrated and accuses PENTA of stream sniping as there should be no way the he has the information on xQc attempting the break out.

Unfortunately, xQc was not aware that PENTA did infact have actual evidence of xQc being involved in the attempted break out. This then leads to xQc going out of character and raging for the rest of the stream.

The admins of the server had decided that this was enough and the days of Jean Paul have officially come to an end.

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