XSEED announces date for latest spooky title!

XSEED announces date for latest spooky title!

Gotta say I’m not a big fan of the Wii. It tried, it tried harder, and it’s still trying. As it’s seen as predominantly a “kiddies” console, I didn’t expect their to be much in the way of horror. Once again I’ve been proven wrong, after Resident Evil Umbrella and Manhunt 2 you all can now settle down and freak yourself out with: Ju-On: The Grudge.

JU-ON: The Grudge is a haunted house simulator developed by feelplus, and it is said to immerse gamers into a number of mysterious and eerie locations shrouded in utter darkness. Just in time for halloween, arm yourself with flaslights guys – as your safety depends on it. Explore cursed surroundings, including abandoned warehouses and hospitals, move quickly though – as your batteries can drain, and the darkness may close in around you. Eventually you’ll see that there’s far more sinister beings than rats lurking behind you…

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  1. pink puma says:

    The wii is awesome. Im writing this comment using it. I use it more than PS3, and their only a foot apart. MadWorld and BoomBlox FTW.