XSEED Explains Their Return to Corpse Party and Exile's End "We Just Really Likes These Games"

By Azario Lopez

October 21, 2016

In a blogpost by western publisher XSEED, staff member Tom Lipschultz reflected on the company’s reasons for returning to past games, Corpse Party and Exile’s End, and releasing them to other platforms.

To catch everyone up, Corpse Party has been released several times on different platforms including PSP, iOS, and PC since 2011, with the PC release being the most recent. However, each release contained some minor differences in terms of extra stories and scenes.

Additionally, XSEED will launch Exile’s End on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita-via PSN on October 25. Right now, the game holds a “mostly positive” review score on the Steam store and definitely fills that craving for an adventure RPG, but then again, it has been out for over a year now.

So why did the company decided to release two games so closely together that have been release before? Lipschultz humbly states that they, “just really like these games!”

Furthermore, Lipschultz recalls how Corpse Party was originally released. Following his positive experience with a demo of the game, XSEED as a whole quickly joined in on the excitement.

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Lipschultz details further:

I went into work the next day and told my coworkers about this awesome horror game I’d played the night before. I lent them my PSP so they could try it too… and my boss shared my enthusiasm for it. He took it to our president, who also really enjoyed it. And then, before I knew it, we’d reached out to the Japanese publisher, and were officially evaluating the game for possible publication in English!

Returning to Exile’s End, the game was first published to steam by XSEED’s parent company Marvelous. Evidently, after Lipschultz played it he sent his regards to the developer who, to his surprise, was seeking a console release.

Lipshultz details the console version:

The PS4 and Vita versions of Exile’s End will, in fact, be slightly different experiences from what you may have played on Steam. There are now more hidden treasures to be found, map features that have been altered to help make certain platforming sections flow a bit better, prominent sound effects added during cinematic cutscenes, and – most crucially – an endgame gauntlet that significantly expands upon the somewhat abrupt final encounter from the original PC release.

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