XSEED Reveals Release Date for Falcom’s Xanadu Next on PC; New Trailer and Screenshots

on October 21, 2016 3:27 PM

XSEED announced the release date for the Falcom developed action RPG Xanadu Next, coming to PC and launching on November 3.

The game originally released in 2005 for the PC in Japan and then came west…for the N-Gage. Now, the game will receive a proper PC release in the west, localized and published by XSEED.

Furthermore, players will get to play through the game as an injured knight who seeks a sword named “Dragon Slayer”. With this he will ultimately save his life, but the journey getting there might be a difficult one.

The publisher details further:

Set on the medieval Europe-inspired Harlech Island, players will explore the many different and interconnected environments of the world around them while battling vicious enemies in real-time, utilizing various unique skills attached to the many weapons they find along the way. Through a variety of ability-enhancing items that allow access to new areas, “Guardians” that grant passive effects, stat customization with the ability to level-down for point redistribution, and more, a multitude of mysteries surrounding the ancient land of Xanadu lay waiting to be unraveled.

You can check out the new trailer and screenshots below:

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