Yacht Club Games Plans to "Completely Finish Shovel Knight in 2016”

Shovel Knight and its developer Yacht Club Games experienced another year of success in 2015, so what are their plans for 2016?

Shovel Knight got its amiibo in 2015, alongside its expansion Plague of Shadows, so we can safely say it was a successful year for Yacht Club Games. However, the developer, and specifically Gameplay Programmer Ian Flood, has big plans that they want to accomplish, and it’s mainly to “completely finish” the game in 2016.

“I’d say our goal is to completely finish Shovel Knight in 2016! That’s what we’re hoping to do.”

“So the things we still have lined up – Specter Knight campaign, King Knight campaign, Battle mode on consoles (not portables), and Gender Swap. Those are the stretch goal unlocks we’re still working on. That’s fine that some backers are ok and moving on, not keeping a hot eye on it, but there are people still following it closely.”

I am really looking forward to hear more about these campaigns. Looks like 2016 will be another year of success for Shovel Knight.

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