Yakuza 0-2 Considered by Developers; Shin Yakuza Gets New Info on Locations and Protagonist

Yakuza Producer Daisuke Sato mentioned that the team thought about the possibility of a Yakuza 0-2 and gave some hints on Shin Yakuza.

March 17, 2018

During a Yakuza event at the Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, Producer Daisuke Sato provided some interesting information about the series.

Sato-san mentioned that Yakuza 0  is a game that is particularly beloved even within the Yakuza development team, so the idea of creating a Yakuza 0-2 (which would be set between Yakuza 0 and the first game of the series) has been bounced around among developers.

That being said, he did not confirm that such a game is in development, or planned for the future.

At the moment Sato-san is not in a position to reveal anything specific, but the project code-named Shin Yakuza that is currently in development will include new locations to visit.


The game is set after Yakuza 6, so there are “plenty of opportunities” for beloved characters from past games to appear.

At the moment we don’t have much information on Shin Yakuza, besides the fact that it will feature a new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga.

We also hear that Ichiban is completely different from former protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. While Kazuma from the very beginning is well known, has a position, and the support of many friends, Ichiban doesn’t have any money, friends, position, or support. He is the lowest of the low in terms of the Yakuza hierarchy, and the story is also about where he goes from there.

Kazuma is a stoic and “stone-wall-like” character, while Ichiban is an emotional and outspoken person.

Funnily, Sato-san also mentioned that if Producer Katsushiro Harada would like to have Kazuma Kiryu in Tekken 7, they might think about it.

If you’re interested in the Yakuza series, you can check out the announcement of Kiwami 2, and our review of Yakuza 6.

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