Yakuza 0 Fan-Made Cover Art in the GTA Style and It’s Perfect

Yakuza 0 Fan-Made Cover Art in the GTA Style and It’s Perfect

Yakuza 0 and Grand Theft Auto cross over in this stunning piece of fan cover art.

The Yakuza and Grand Theft Auto franchises have tons in common. Both are dramas with the seedy underbellies of criminal organizations serving as the setting. Both also feature massive open worlds with countless activities and missions to engage with. With that in mind, a Yakuza fan on Twitter named Akhos Art took panels from the Yakuza 0 comic Sega created at the game’s launch and remixed in the style of Grand Theft Auto. It’s a great look.  Check it out.

Yakuza 0 Cover (GTA Style) from yakuzagames

Akhos’ remix does an excellent job of capturing both franchises. Most of the main characters from Yakuza 0 make an appearance on the cover. You can spot protagonists Kiryu and Majima easily. Nishiki, Reina feature. And, if my eyes don’t deceive me, Sagawa is also there. Kuze and Shimano round out the characters easily picked out in the fan art. Unless I’m mistaken about Sagawa, it seems a bit odd to have him there over someone like Tachibana, Sera, or even Oda. However, the cover is stand-out work.

The only real gripe you could have with this remix is that it’s missing a major component present on every GTA cover. The top left box always has a helicopter in it on those covers. That said, Nishiki is arguably as tough as a helicopter, so I’ll let it slide.

Not only is Akhos’ remix awesome, but it’s a great reminder that the first three games in the series are coming to Xbox Game Pass soon. That’s right, Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami 1 and Yakuza Kiwami 2 will soon be available for Game Pass users everywhere. If you have yet to experience those excellent games, this is going to be a great opportunity to check them out.

Of course, this crossover fan art is far from the only cool thing the community has put together. Just this week, we’ve seen someone recreate The Last of Us Part II in Dreams. Cuphead has been made into a stop-motion video. And we saw some stunning Ciri cosplay. The video game community is nothing if not super creative.

If you want to see more of Akhos’ work, give their Twitter page a look. And, of course, that Yakuza comic Sega put together is worth a read for old and new fans alike.