Yakuza 0 Review Embargo Dropping on January 19th

Yakuza 0 Review Embargo Dropping on January 19th

If you’re wondering when reviews of Sega’s upcoming action-adventure-brawling-rpg-ish-younger-ojisan-simulator Yakuza 0 will hit the net, wonder no more, as Sega PR manager John Hardin just announced the embargo drop date on Twitter.

The press will be able to tell you just how great the game is on January 19th at 9 AM Pactific time. If you don’t already know, that is, since it has been available in Japanese for almost two years.

So, let’s have a deal: I’ll pretend that I haven’t already played the Japanese version for over forty hours if you pretend that you haven’t already watched forty hours of let’s plays on YouTube. We’ll all start from a nice blank slate, preserving the suspense so that I can earn my keep.

Jokes aside, it’s certainly nice of Sega to let everyone know when reviews will come. While there definitely are a million of perfectly good reasons for review embargos, those for keeping the embargo date also a closely guarded secret tend to be a lot more flimsy.

Incidentally, today Hardin also clarified that Yakuza 0 remains a PS4 exclusive, and no releases on other platforms are planned (at least in the west, since Japan also got it on PS3). It will launch on January 24th, marking the debut of the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu in the west on PS4, this time bringing along everyone’s most beloved crazy eyepatch dude Goro Majima.

If you want to read more about the game, you can actually check out my hands-on preview from over two years ago. It certainly brings back fond memories.