Yakuza 3 Coming Stateside March 2010

By Evan Velez

December 8, 2009

Sony is once again showing that it listens to it’s fanbase. I remember when Yakuza 3 had its Japanese release, many of us stateside were left asking a question that we are no stranger to, “is that game going to see a US release?” Well, it looks like we will be seeing Yakuza 3 very soon, Sony announced that it will be coming to the US in March of 2010.

If you are unfamiliar with Yakuza 3, you should check out the video after the break. The game combines action/adventure with beat em up elements. Think of Final Fight meets Grand Theft Auto. This game packs on the mini-games as well, which all look fun, although some seem to be included more for the Japanese market than the American, I’m looking at you Karaoke…

The only disappointment that I can see is that the game will only be subtitled, so don’t buy this expecting to see full English voice work.

Keep an eye on the site, because we will keep you guys posted on any new information that comes through the cracks about Yakuza 3. If you want Sony to keep listening, then in March, make sure you support this game.

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