Yakuza Ishin Director: PS4 has “No Weak Point”; is Working on a Cool Feature for the “Share” Button

Yakuza Ishin Director: PS4 has “No Weak Point”; is Working on a Cool Feature for the “Share” Button

Yakuza Ishin is being developed for both the PS4 and the PS3, and will integrate with the whole PlayStation family with rather rich cross-play features with the PS Vita, but what does its Game Director Hiroyuki Sakamoto think of Sony’s upcoming console? His opinion is quite positive as he stated in an interview on Famitsu.com.

The PS4 has been provided with enough memory, and the processing speed of the CPU is fast. There’s no weak point, isn’t it?

Sakamoto-san continues by mentioning that until now he used to have to waste time making ends meet with the memory, but PS4 removes that problem, therefore there’s no room for compromises because if you make compromises the difference in quality between your titles and the others would become evident.

He further explains that many elements like animation and lighting can be improved, opening the possibility of making games that were never seen before.

Sakamoto-san also has a rather cool idea for a feature using the DualShock 4’s share button:

 With the “Share” button you can upload part of the game as a video, or you can even livestream. We hope to implement something like live feedback from the side of the viewer, so that when he enters a particular command it affects the gameplay of the viewer. For example if people that are watching you types “Do your best!” the parameters of your character in the game go up. It’s in the experimental stage for the moment, but we want to implement by all means.

That actually sounds very cool. We have seen something kind of similar in Persona 4: Golden, where players online can buff each other by requiring assistance and granting it via the touch screen, but in that case there is no real direct contact, and you cannot see what was happening to the player you were helping or if your help has any real result.

This kind of feature could really push the livestreaming feature of the PS4 and give more meaning to having an audience while you play.